Getting Back in Control: Nike Fuelband

First of all, I want to thank all of you for sticking with me during my hiatus.  It was definitely time to do some soul-searching and figure out what direction I wanted to go in, and there have been some major life changes along the way.  But I’m back in and ready.  Hopefully new recipes will be coming soon, but I have been working primarily on getting my mind and my body healthy and de-stressed and taken a step back from worrying about diet quite as much.   And with me being a bit of a gadget junkie, what better way to motivate myself than with a new piece of tech gear?

One of the first things I did about a month ago was explore a different way to track my activity level.  I have had 2 FitBits in the past year and loved them.  They are small so no one knows you are wearing it, sync via USB dock, and also track sleep patterns.  You can also enter your food intake on their website.  However, my first one started showing cracks in the plastic after about 3 months of daily use, and my second one (which FitBit replaced for free!) also started cracking.  Rather than bugging FitBit for yet another replacement, I did some research into the much-hyped about Nike Fuelband.  They appeared earlier this year for pre-order and sold out very quickly, but I was lucky enough to grab one when they came back in stock.

The Fuelband is basically a black rubber wristband with a built in USB.  Like the FitBit, it tracks steps and calorie burn, and gives you a target number of “Fuel” depending on the activity level you choose.  I started with regular Daily Activity, or 2000 point Goal.  The photo below shows that I’m almost there for the day.  It also has the color coded LED at the bottom which shows how close you are to goal.

Unfortunately, it does not track my sleep patterns.  But it does have built in Bluetooth and syncs with an iPhone app.  It also has a watch built in.  Like FitBit, the website gives you milestones to reach and fun little animations every time you hit a goal or milestone.

So far, I think the Fuelband is more of what I was looking for in an activity tracker.  I don’t have to worry as much about journaling my food intake onto a website, and I was mainly looking for a reminder to get up and move as much as possible.  The Fuelband does just that.  I also like that there is no requirement to wear Nike shoes with it, and I can go for a quick jog or walk in my New Balance Minimus while the band still tracks my steps.  Another drawback to the Fuelband is the price at $150.00, but it is still $100.00 less than the BodyBugg and much more discreet.  So this purchase was well worth it.  Let’s just hope it lasts longer than the FitBit!

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